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Is Anger Ever Healthy In The Workplace?

Let's talk about ANGER in the workplace for a minute, shall we?

A few thoughts to share:

First -- people often think Emotional Intelligence is the ability to subdue all "negative" emotions in exchange for "better" ones. I say, NOPE!

Anger absolutely has its place. It is, at times, a 100% honest, entirely valid emotion and should be expressed ... appropriately.

Unfortunately, most people confuse 'temper tantrums' with justified anger. These are not the same thing. Someone pitching a fit or getting nasty because they didn't get their way or because they felt challenged is not valid anger, it's ego posturing.

Avoid that foolishness.

Honest, healthy anger should manifest as a sincere response, not a melodramatic reaction.

HINT: When anger is shown justifiably, people usually respect you MORE afterward, not less.

Second -- Women are still not supported in expressing ANGER as openly in the workplace (or in the world) as men are.

As you endeavor to create an inclusive culture that invites everyone to be "real," assess how well your organization/team supports women on staff expressing justified anger compared to men.

For a brilliant, spot-on piece re: women + anger in the workplace, read:

[Image: “WORRY ANGER FEAR" by jlillard]

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