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Learn To See The Gift Within The Conflict

I have a series of questions I regularly ask myself to keep challenging situations in perspective.

I call them my "Bullshit Detector Questions" because they never fail to cut thru the negative, dramatic BS my brain projects when my internal threat response gets activated.

One of those BS Detector Questions is: How is this the BEST possible thing to happen right now?

Of course, when disruption, uncertainty, or conflict flare up, it's really hard to find anything good in it. After all, if we FEEL uncomfortable and stressed then this must be the WORST situation ever, right?

Not entirely.

If you look, there IS a hidden gift in the storm.

A stabilizing insight or bit of clarity that will help you move forward more effectively from now on.

  • Maybe you realize that you can no longer put off developing a key skill that you've avoided improving.

  • Maybe you realize that person you thought would make a great leader, isn't good for that role OR even for the company.

  • Maybe missing that deadline illuminates a serious gap in your team's planning process that you can now correct.

Yes, difficulty and disruption ARE exhausting. They also sharpen our ability to see!

So, look closely for the wisdom hidden in the storm.

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