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Talks + Workshops


Sharing fascinating research; humorous, relatable stories; inspiring insights; and a warm, personable approach, I help executives, people leaders and teams level-up their Social & Emotional Intelligence skills.


Attendees of my talks and workshops learn new, positive approaches to working effectively with others while successfully reaching their own (and their company's) goals.  

Audiences walk away feeling more connected to themselves, to others, to the mission at hand, and to the world in general.

When conflict happens at work, are you really seeing the situation at

hand accurately?


We're quick to assume "other people" are the problem. But, it turns out, 

really smart, considerate, highly-skilled professionals (like, YOU!) cause a

surprising amount of discord and disconnect in the workplace ... without

realizing it.

In this 1-hour talk, you'll hear stories of executives, people leaders, and team

members who (accidentally) caused drama at work because they failed to recognize

their own personal emotional reactions at play. You'll hear what happened, learn the

role Social & Emotional Intelligence played in salvaging each situation, and then we'll

start identifying the emotional blindspots negatively impacting your own professional decisions and reputation! 

The #1 Blindspot Holding You Back At Work

TALK: (1-hour)


for more details, available dates, and pricing for this talk. 

Social & Emotional Intelligence 101


WORKSHOP: (full day)

This interactive, full-day workshop will forever change the way you 

view yourself, your colleagues, and fellow human beings in general.

You’ll learn: 

  • What Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is, what it's not, and why mastering social-emotional skills is a MUST for every 21st century people leader 


  • The fascinating neuroscience behind what makes ALL human beings tick. What shuts people down (and why) and how to deliberately steer people toward positive collaboration instead

  • Why we’re actually not as self-aware as we think we are (and what to do about it)

  • Powerful, easy-to-remember SEI strategies that can be immediately implemented to avoid negatively clashing with peers and start positively engaging with them instead

  • A shared framework to use with colleagues as a starting point for all workplace communication (from off the-cuff, casual remarks to highly sensitive or potentially conflict-causing conversations)

You'll walk away feeling inspired and energized to level-up how you think, react, relate and communicate, while also better understanding the unique way others emotionally and intellectually respond.

for more details, available dates, and pricing for this workshop. 

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Cris Gladly and her Emotional Intelligence workshop are amazing.

I walked away with more understanding and empathy for where others are coming from, important insights about how I currently interact, and strategies for being more effective in my communication.

What's different about Cris’s workshop, versus all the others I’ve attended, is that
I actually remember and frequently use the skills I learned that day.

I can’t recommend the workshop or Cris enough.”

Caitriona Kelly

Delivery Lead

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