Social & Emotional Intelligence is the foundational skillset needed to succeed at EVERY level of connection and communication.

In a nutshell: 

The majority of us -- C-suite executives, mid-level people leaders, and

individual contributors -- are interacting with emotional BLIND SPOTS

We tell ourselves that we're making "professional decisions," when really,

our choices and behaviors at work are often fueled by personal emotional

reactions that we're entirely unaware of - OR - don't feel comfortable admitting. 

Our blind spots crash into other people's blind spots = CONFLICT.


Because most of us lack a solid foundation of Social & Emotional Intelligence, we spend our time

talking about everything but the REAL ISSUE.


As such, conflict and misunderstanding flare up over ... and over ... and over again.  

It's time to start talking about what's really going on. 


It's time for ALL of us to gain a better, more effective understanding of:

  • how the human brain is wired

  • why emotional reactions flare up in the first place

  • how to identify and defuse our OWN blind spots (and other people's)

  • how to transform knee-jerk emotional reactions into intelligent, positive, effective responses

  • how to humanize our interactions and forge new pathways to personal and professional success



I'm a speaker and consultant with a passion for positive human relationships.

For over 20+ years I've helped leaders, teams, and brands better understand ‘what to do + what to say’ to communicate effectively in sensitive, complex situations. I've consulted with and advised organizations, teams, individuals, and industry experts in the tech, manufacturing, nonprofit, and higher education sectors.


I also help purpose-driven professionals speak up, stand out, and share their bright ideas with the world.

I've delivered talks and workshops at: 



Cris Gladly and her Emotional Intelligence workshop are amazing.

I walked away with more understanding and empathy for where others are coming from, important insights about how I currently interact, and strategies for being more effective in my communication.

What's different about Cris’s workshop, versus all the others I’ve attended, is that
I actually remember and frequently use the skills I learned that day.

I can’t recommend the workshop or Cris enough.”

Caitriona Kelly

Delivery Lead

Emotions are NOT the problem in


Emotional reactions are the real issue.

Developing Social & Emotional Intelligence helps us 

increase "the pause" between feeling an intense emotion

and letting that emotional reaction out.


Within that powerful pause, we can think things through, assess from multiple perspectives, and then decide what positive response we want to take to restore healthy communication and drive positive outcomes forward. 


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