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Private 1-on-1 coaching to support positive change.


We can't expect people to change if we don't give them time and space to PRACTICE!

And research overwhelmingly tells us that humans learn best, retain new information longer (and more comprehensively), and take self-motivated action to implement what they've learned

IF they're also provided with opportunities for “deliberate practice.”

People (at all levels) need timely, supportive, and specific feedback so they can practice, assess, and fine-tune their efforts while mastering a new skill.  

My coaching approach helps clients actively develop the mindset and behaviors needed for enhanced self-awareness, social & emotional intelligence, and improved interpersonal communication and connection skills so that they can more successfully navigate complex social and workplace environments with integrity and influence.  

Emotional Intelligence Skill Coaching

COACHING: (varies, per hour + session packages)

Emotional Intelligence Skill Coaching offers you the dedicated time,

accountability, guidance, and deliberative practice needed to truly learn

and integrate SEI techniques and concepts in a way that leads to consistently

changed behavior.


During our time together, we'll identify and begin to shift the unique

emotional reactions, blindspots, perspectives, and behaviors that impede

your ability to communicate and connect optimally with others.


You'll also practice applying SEI to your real life interactions (what you say,

what your write, how you give and receive feedback, how you handle conflict, etc.) and

get feedback on how to tweak those efforts to further improve your results.


for more details, available dates, and pricing for this coaching. 

Emotional Intelligence Tune-Up

COACHING: (1 hour)

After you start practicing the basics of Social & Emotional Intelligence, it's

normal to need coaching from time-to-time to handle new challenges or

particularly sensitive situations.


This coaching option offers focused support when you need help getting

your head on straight, your perspective aligned, and a positive solution

strategy in place quickly.


for more details, available dates, and pricing for this coaching. 


Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) coaching with Cris Gladly is the most effective activity I’ve done in my life to help me in my personal and professional relationships. As a new people manager, the coaching sessions helped me feel comfortable with my new challenges. Cris gave me useful tools to handle difficult situations.

Example: After SEI coaching, I’ve been able to observe when a team meeting gets tense and starts going in the wrong direction. And then, with a small interaction from me, I have been able to bring it back to focus. This is one of many changes I have made in a short period of time.

Cris is a unique, skilled coach with a deep understanding of SEI. She can help you better understand how you and others react under pressure. She is capable of giving you new awareness and skills to respond effectively to challenges in your work and life relationships.”

Roger Almeida

Delivery Lead

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