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Energy Is Contagious. Be Its Master Or You'll Be At Its Mercy!

Updated: May 6, 2019

It's SO easy to get caught up in the emotional energy in a room. Tensions are high, so we feel tense. People are complaining, so we start complaining.

Part of Social Intelligence is developing the ability to read the room and then positively influence the energy of those around you ... the team, the board, the audience, the company.

  • When tensions are high, you say the right thing to defuse it and shift people out of defensiveness and back to collaboration.

  • When people start complaining, you direct attention back to what's possible and solvable within their sphere of influence so they feel empowered to take action again.

Of course, the trick is ... to be able to read the room and positively shift the energy of a group, your OWN emotional energy and perspective must be in check first.

THAT'S the real power of Social & Emotional Intelligence ... it clears away the clutter so we can achieve what we really want = SOCIAL INFLUENCE.

[IMAGE: Enlightened Consciousness]

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