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Why Being Successful At Work Can Make You LESS Brave

People complain (I think unfairly) about the younger generation of employees, but I find it is often the “older and wiser” leaders who can be the most resistant to new ideas and approaches to growth (especially their own).

Why? Because ...

  1. It’s time-consuming and uncomfortable to be a beginner again. It can feel frustrating, embarrassing ... like a threat to your sense of established significance (and authority).

  2. It’s easy to dismiss feedback and presume you’ve achieved ‘across-the-board’ competence in all areas. “Well I made it this far in my career, clearly I’m doing something right!”

The truth is, it takes a great deal of emotional fortitude and intellectual maturity to reach a level of professional success and still readily lean into areas of growth as “a beginner.”

Of course, we ALL need to consistently evolve our competencies to stay effective and relevant professionally. But to eventually become truly strong in a new area, we have to start somewhere!

Whatever it is YOU want to (or need to) get better at as a leader, I hope this is the week you take the plunge and BEGIN! 🙂 #emotionalintelligence #eq #leadership #selfawareness #leadershipdevelopment #growth #growthmindset

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