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'Getting Nasty' or 'Being Snarky' Won't Make Your Point Any Clearer

Don't let temporary frustration or irritation sabotage your communication.

(I know, I know, easier said than done! ... I feel you.)

But those snarky comments, impatient tones, exasperated eye rolls that all last just a moment ... they fracture trust for a long time.

More damage is done in companies and on teams from annoyance than from actual malice or anger.

As soon as people sense our agitation is directed at them, their defenses go up (which means access to logic, reason, etc. go down).

And while we may feel 100% justified in our annoyance (and perhaps we are) ... the other person rarely listens MORE attentively to our actual points, needs, or objectives when our tone or energy conveys we think they're an a-hole or an idiot.

Patience is a powerful skill to develop.

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