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Whether you're dealing with colleagues in the workplace or your audience in the marketplace, it can feel daunting to put yourself out there in a world of constant change, diversity, and increasing complexity.

How well are you connecting with those around you?  


It's time to take control of your own voice, your own actions, your own reputation, and your own journey so that you can make smart, deliberate decisions (personally and professionally) and connect and communicate with others successfully, respectfully, and with authentic confidence. 



 Personal Brand Intensive

When you're ready to develop a distinct, impactful, emotionally intelligent Personal Brand, this game-changing Intensive will powerfully transform the way you show up in the world. 

First — We’ll unearth your Center and the unique way you behave into it, both personally and professionally. We'll capture the heart of the unique story that fuels your one-of-a-kind brand, discerning not only what you do (what you’re known for) but also how you contribute and uniquely stand out (what distinguishes you and the specific ways you build trust, cultivate respect, and inspire loyalty).


Second — We'll identify who you most need to connect with to move your goals forward. I'll help you better understand how to authentically develop those key relationships by sharing insights about how others perceive you, how they feel/think from their POV, what they want versus what they need, and how your Personal Brand can absolutely delight them versus disappoint them. 

Fair warning: During your Intensive, I will (compassionately) push your emotional and intellectual comfort zones in ways that move you beyond limiting mindsets and success-sabotaging behaviors. You will walk away from the experience clear, energized, and with your own inner compass recalibrated and set to help you successfully navigate the exciting path ahead. 

Message Cris for more details about this service.

“CLARITY is key to stepping into your business as a leader + transformer. I just wrapped up my consultation with Cris Gladly and that woman has a GIFT for listening + holding your vision and expanding it beyond your wildest dreams. Thank you so much!!!

If you are holding shiny things and no one is buying, have a session with Cris Gladly and let her tell you why!”

~ Shelley Chapman, Founder

Praise for Cris Gladly
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